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RoboTool Specializes in End of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

We are an automation company that specializes in end of arm tooling for guaranteed part handling. We have had great success with plastics manufacturers in providing tooling that increases throughput. Our performance and innovative tooling design provides quality, custom automation solutions for the plastics molding industry in the USA and around the world. Our plant is located in Grand Rapids, MI, where we have served Michigan manufacturers for more than 20 years.

Our Difference

Many EOAT’s are purchased with the mold and leave much to be desired. These tools are expensive and often work poorly. This part of the process can be eliminated with RoboTool tooling. Our breakthrough design brings enhanced precision through the use of round anodized aluminum tubing that allows complete fluidity of motion. Gone are the days of heavy, restrictive square-railing-with-peg armature. Every component that RoboTool produces is designed to optimize precision and tight tolerances. In short, we think outside the “square.”

Custom, Innovative Solutions for the Plastic Molding Industry

We regularly ship end of arm tool component orders within 24 hours. The tool can be built on site, or in our shop, to exact parameters. This translates into lower cost of ownership for the best possible tool.

We can provide all the components for owner build and design. We have perfected the use of grippers for most panels to provide absolute control. Our grippers are also component oriented. A customer can buy gripper components right out of the catalog to fit most panels. Our knowledgeable sales staff can provide support during the process.

We can help build your end of arm tooling from CAD, prints or sample parts and deliver when needed. We can build most tools in a day.

We have a large inventory of components in Grand Rapids, MI and ship same day as needed.

Contact our sales team to get started on the best end-of-arm solution in the market.